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Strategic Leadership Changes at Venture Atlas: 
Jenny Lane Takes COO Role, Vicki Bowen Hewes Appointed CEO of Ohio Impact Fund

August 16, 2023

Photo of Jenny Lane and Vicki Bowen Hewes

Venture Atlas, a venture capital firm dedicated to making venture accessible to all, is pleased to share a series of strategic leadership transitions that underscore the company's commitment to delivering meaningful impact for both investors and the underserved founders and communities they support. The exponential growth of the organization has created opportunities to expand the organization’s leadership and collective expertise.

Jenny Lane Transitions to Chief Operating Officer of Venture Atlas
Jenny Lane, an accomplished operator and respected leader in the impact industry, is taking on a new role as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Venture Atlas. Having previously held the position of CEO of the Ohio Impact Fund, Jenny's wealth of experience and strategic vision will now shape the future of Venture Atlas and its impact-focused funds. Jenny will optimize and streamline operations for existing and future funds, maintaining a leadership role within the Ohio Impact Fund and adding the Pride Fund and American Dream Fund to her purview. With a unique background that includes successful fundraising ventures at prestigious institutions like the National Trust for Historic Preservation and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Jenny's commitment to driving tangible and meaningful change for our funds and founders is evident.

Vicki Bowen Hewes Assumes Chief Executive Officer Position at Ohio Impact Fund
Vicki Bowen Hewes, a dynamic entrepreneur with notable accomplishments in both the public and private sectors that underscore her exceptional ability to drive transformative outcomes, will assume the CEO role for the Ohio Impact Fund, a Venture Atlas-operated venture capital fund. She will continue to guide the deployment of venture capital to impactful, socially-minded founders across the state. Vicki's achievements as a respected local and national social enterprise leader, and as the Founder and CEO of Dress for Success Columbus, showcase her dedication to empowering underrepresented entrepreneurs and driving meaningful social change. She is also currently building a purpose-driven association of women business innovators as the Founder of Meliora Community.

A Dynamic Partnership That Delivers
Jenny Lane's transition to COO of the Venture Atlas and Vicki Bowen Hewes' assumption of the CEO position at the Ohio Impact Fund signify more than just leadership changes – they mark the start of a dynamic partnership with a clear focus: making significant advancements for our funds and the founders they support. This pivotal transition underscores Venture Atlas' commitment to achieving tangible, positive transformations in the world of venture capital.